International Security Events Offer Vital Security Insights To Mantra

The past few months have been marked by intense activity, as several members of Mantra’s Senior Management Team actively engaged in crucial security industry conferences and gatherings both in Nigeria and the UK. These events have provided valuable opportunities to gain insights into the latest security threats and consider how to integrate these learnings into Mantra’s security services, ultimately serving clients in Nigeria more effectively.

Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSN)

ALPSN recently hosted its Annual General Meeting in Lagos, Nigeria, which drew the participation of numerous security industry professionals. The meeting tackled essential topics related to Nigeria’s current security landscape, conducting a thorough evaluation of prevalent security threats and emerging trends, including cyber threats, terrorism, organized crime, and civil unrest.

Discussions also revolved around the importance of reinforcing and adhering to security regulations and standards set by relevant Nigerian authorities. Furthermore, there was an emphasis on enhancing collaboration between private security practitioners and law enforcement agencies. The meeting highlighted the significance of exploring recent technological advancements and innovations in Nigeria’s security sector and incorporating them into more effective security services.

These discussions have proven highly beneficial for Mantra, enabling them to provide clients with impeccable security services in Nigeria.

International Security Expo

In September, the International Security Expo took place in London, uniting a global audience of security professionals to explore the latest security products and services. The Expo’s primary objective is to aid security service companies, including Mantra, in enhancing the security and resilience of businesses, individuals, and critical infrastructures.

The Expo featured numerous conferences and summits, covering topics such as International Security, Risk and Resilience, and Cybersecurity. The event commenced with an address by the UK Government Security Minister, Mr. Tom Tugendhat, emphasizing the critical need for collaboration between the private sector and the security industry to address crime, terrorism, and other security threats.

The International Security Conference hosted multiple talks and panel discussions with security experts, focusing on various subjects relevant to Nigeria. These discussions explored how private security companies, like Mantra, can support the government in deterring and preventing crime, as well as strategies to enhance maritime security and introduce new technological innovations in aviation security.

The Risk and Resilience conference offered the latest insights from security professionals on the role of security risk management within organizations and ideas on how to test industrial and organizational resilience.

Lastly, the increasingly important topic of Cybersecurity was discussed extensively, covering possible mitigation steps, such as risk management, engagement and training, vulnerability assessments, data security, and incident monitoring. The need to communicate cyber risk to senior management in organizations was deemed of paramount importance.

All of these discussions have provided valuable insights for Mantra’s Security Consultancy Team and Technical Security Team to explore further.

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