Ruby Ojiakor: “I lost my movie role because I didn’t sleep with the marketer.”

Ruby Ojiakor: "I lost my movie role because I didn't sleep with the marketer."

I hail from a large Imo State family with six kids. Yet one of us has passed away. Currently, there are two girls and three boys. My dad is late, but my mother is still here. In Asaba, Delta State, I reside.
Being handed smaller jobs presents difficulties for me. When I inquire as to why some people are playing specific roles and not others, I occasionally receive answers along the lines of, “They want to use the person’s car in the movie.” She must play the part because of this. And my car might not be suitable for that position. If they don’t get the bigger job, the actor might not want to release their car. It’s a significant obstacle for me, and that is how I have been managing it for some time now

Acting is demanding. I occasionally arrive home from a filming location by 2 or even 6 in the morning. There are occasions when we shoot all day and all night. This can be the result of the producer attempting to make a deadline. Or possibly they are attempting to lower the cost of making the movie because they are out of money. But because they have no downtime, performers are the ones who suffer the most. We occasionally have to switch out our costumes around 30 times. It is not simple. While the producer is attempting to manage time and shoot 20 sequences per day, there may occasionally be no time to eat.  We occasionally labor outside in the rain, especially when we are doing epic movies. We also stay under the scorching sun to shoot some of these movies.