Between Don Jazzy and a man who described him as stingy

In a recent social media showdown, Don Jazzy found himself at the center of an unexpected exchange when an X-user took a swipe at him, labeling him as ‘stingy.’ The entire episode unfolded after the renowned music producer shared an interesting anecdote on his social media handle.

Don Jazzy, ever the engaging storyteller, took to his platform to recount a night out at the club. In a moment of sheer serendipity, he found himself amidst a crowd of ‘big boys’ who were generously spraying money in the air. One particularly fortunate N500 note descended gracefully upon him, and with a touch of humor, Don Jazzy humorously shared that he nonchalantly tucked the unexpected windfall ‘in his bra.’ Little did he know that this seemingly harmless recounting of a quirky incident would set the stage for a social media clash.