Ensuring Your Year-End Travels are Secure: Exclusive Insights from Mantra’s Latest Security Advisory

As the year-end festivities approach, the season not only brings joy but unfortunately, an uptick in security threats and criminal activities, especially in Nigeria. With increased travel and time spent away from home, opportunistic criminals are quick to exploit these situations. Prioritizing your safety is Mantra’s utmost concern, which is why they are excited to share exclusive insights from their comprehensive Year-End Security Advisory.

 Kidnapping remains a significant concern in Nigeria, with Mantra’s data analysis indicating a consistent increase over the last four years, particularly spiking during the fourth quarter. Economic pressures, driven by high inflation and rising living expenses, contribute to an elevated risk of criminal activities, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant in Q4 2023.

Travel, especially during this festive period, exposes individuals to various risks such as kidnapping, robberies, and thefts. Planning is crucial, considering certain routes and areas are more vulnerable. High-risk zones like Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna, Borno, Niger, and Abuja should be avoided, and journeys meticulously planned well in advance.

For road trips, implementing precautionary measures like thorough vehicle checks, securing valuables in the trunk, and keeping doors locked can make a significant difference in ensuring a safe journey.

Public transport, while convenient, comes with its own set of risks. Transportation hubs are prime targets for pickpockets, so travelers should remain vigilant, choose well-lit areas, and plan routes in advance to avoid last-minute changes that may make them vulnerable.

International travel, though exciting, is not without its risks. Following guidelines such as keeping documentation up to date, having travel insurance, checking advisories, and securing valuables can significantly reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Mantra understands the paramount importance of your safety. Their Armed Escort Teams boast a stellar record of safely transporting clients, with highly trained teams and backup vehicles ensuring a secure journey throughout Nigeria. Additionally, Mantra offers Journey Management Services for clients in lower threat areas who may not require armed escort backup.

For more information about Mantra’s services or to access their exclusive Year-End Security Advisory, please get in touch through their inquiry form at http://bit.ly/contactmantra  or send them an email at info@mantraoperations.com.  Your safety is Mantra’s priority, and Mantra is here to empower you with the knowledge and support you need for secure and worry-free travels.