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SECURITY: Mantra’s Risk Management Solution Recognised in Security Industry Awards

When it comes to security services in Nigeria, one company stands out for its expertise in risk management. Mantra has established a strong reputation by offering a diverse range of security solutions to clients across various industries. Their success lies in their ability to combine global security best practices with local knowledge, resulting in bespoke Security Risk Management Solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Nigerian businesses.

At Mantra, the focus is on delivering risk management solutions that address specific vulnerabilities and requirements. Their comprehensive approach begins with a thorough Security and Safeguards Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment process. This is followed by the development of a comprehensive Security Management System designed specifically for Nigerian companies. Mantra’s team comprises not only security experts but also professionals from different disciplines within the client’s organization, such as in-house security personnel, engineers, operations, safety, HR, and legal experts. By incorporating diverse perspectives, they ensure a well-rounded Risk Management Solution that prioritizes both security concerns and operational needs.

What sets Mantra apart is their commitment to collaboration. Unlike traditional approaches that rely solely on security professionals, Mantra’s methodology involves a multi-disciplinary team. This inclusive approach fosters a balanced Risk Management Solution, recognizing that security is a shared responsibility throughout the organization. By involving key stakeholders, employees, and contractors in the Risk Assessment process, awareness is raised, and a proactive security-aware culture is cultivated. This shift from a reactive to a proactive mindset empowers organizations to effectively deal with security threats and emergency responses.

Mantra’s team utilizes their expert knowledge to identify all potential security threats to a company and its operations during the Risk Assessment process. Based on these findings, they develop a fit-for-purpose Security Management System, which encompasses various elements such as Security Policies & Programs. Additionally, they provide risk management tools like self-assessments and cold-eye reviews to support ongoing security efforts. By adopting Mantra’s Risk Management Solution, clients have experienced the establishment of enduring and flexible frameworks that enable their operations to continue smoothly, even in the face of dynamic threats prevalent in Nigeria.

Mantra’s commitment to excellence has earned them recognition in the industry. Their Risk Management Solution was chosen as one of the three finalists at the prestigious Nigeria Outstanding Security Provider Awards (OSPAs). This accomplishment underscores their close working relationship with clients and their ability to deliver effective solutions through the Risk Assessment process. Clients trust Mantra to provide them with a comprehensive Risk Management Solution that not only enhances security but also integrates seamlessly into their organization.

In today’s evolving threat landscape, proactive risk management is crucial for businesses in Nigeria. Mantra’s specialized approach to risk management offers tailored solutions that effectively address the unique challenges faced by organizations in the country. By combining global best practices with local expertise and involving a multi-disciplinary team, Mantra ensures that both security concerns and operational needs are prioritized. Their proven track record and industry recognition demonstrate their commitment to providing enduring and flexible risk management frameworks. To discuss Mantra’s Security Consultancy and Risk Management services, please complete enquiry form at or send an email to: